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If you are looking for high-quality and unique video and photo content, Storybacker is exactly what you need. You can explore the selected best content from the top photo and video bloggers (social media influencer) from all over the world. On Storybacker, we spend a lot of time to provide you with uniquely interesting and refined content which was manually selected and added to our network. Forget about browsing through thousands of channels and pages on YouTube and Instagram in order to find the proper and high-quality content. With Storybacker network you can find all that content in one place.

Bellow you can learn more about our use cases for subscribers and followers:

  • Explore our essential catalogue with the top vlogs from all over the world
  • Filter and select the content by themes, platforms and languages
  • Connect with new or well known social media influencer in one place
  • Get to know the future stars of YouTube and Instagram
  • Vote for your favorite posts and vloggers
  • Be informed about the latest and upcoming news
  • Learn from bloggers and, maybe, become one of them

Start to use Storybacker today to explore the best media and entertaining content. No registration required!

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For Bloggers, Vloggers & Social Media Influencers

Storybacker marketplace and network brings totally new opportunities for photo and video bloggers, and opinion leaders in promotion and monetization of their social media channels.

The network was specifically designed for Instagram, YouTube and Twitter (Periscope and Medium are coming soon) social media influencers. It works as a marketplace for influencers and as a social media network for followers and businesses at the same time.

With Storybacker social media influencers can:

  • Promote their video and photo content (posts)
  • Get more likes and shares to their posts
  • Increase revenue on customized and sponsored advertising
  • Attract new customers and leads to organize and sell sponsored ads
  • Get more revenue from YouTube and other social media directly
  • Work with their customers directly through handy chats
  • Collaborate with other bloggers to arrange joint projects
  • Keep in touch with their audience and followers
  • Get paid to their accounts and credit cards through encrypted payment gateway
  • Insure deals and work against negative customers
  • Analyze their audience, comments, likes and dislikes

Storybacker perfectly fits both beginner vloggers that have just started their own vlogging journey and advanced social media influencers. For vlogger newcomers that is a perfect opportunity to enlarge their audience and promote their channels. For the famous vlogger experts Storybacker is another chance to increase their revenue flow, analyze their audience and easily control their content from one place.

Don’t miss your chance to explore all benefits of Storybacker for your vlogging experience and get started right away!

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Dan Zaitsev

March 25, 2018

For Businesses & Marketers

Storybacker blogger exchange delivers brand-new opportunities for businesses and marketers. We reshape traditional online advertising (CTR, CPM, PPC, CPA), by transforming it into customized and well-suited media (photo and video) ads or messages which can be automatically placed by bloggers & vloggers (incl. social media influencers) on their social media channels.

Our platform works with the top social media networks, such as Instagram, YouTube and Twitter (Periscope and Medium are coming soon).

Seeking social media influencers is getting easy too. The network provides a wide range of features that allow you to instantly find the media bloggers that will fit your business and/or service requirements (meaning category, theme, filter by platform and language).

Check our main use cases and highlight yours:

  • Search and select vloggers that will match your criteria
  • Start to work and collaborate with opinion leaders easily
  • Pay upfront with no risks and doubts
  • Ability to secure all deals and payments with smart payment gateway
  • Use Storybacker support to resolve any questions or issues
  • Easily setup your promo campaign with handy ad management
  • Accelerate your marketing strategy and minimize your ad costs
  • Analyze results of your advertising campaign
  • Create hype and buzz around your business on social media

Advertisement that was created through Storybacker and then placed by vloggers has much more engagement and impressions, since vloggers and bloggers have a massive audience on different social media channels. As a result, you can optimize promotion costs and accelerate your sales.

Reach out to the vloggers that are presented in our catalogue system today to start your promotional and marketing campaign.


Dan Zaitsev

March 25, 2018

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